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Feeling exhausted after a day of work and dreading the piling household chores waiting for you at home? Not used to having a live-in helper but do not feel like getting your hands dirty?

Don’t worry, we will take care of the cleaning for you!

One Heart Cleaning has been offering professional residential cleaning services for years. We aim to tailor our home cleaning services in Singapore in such a way that we will be able to deliver quality results with the least disturbance in your daily routine.

We understand that while maintaining a clean home is important to your family’s health & well-being, not everyone has the time or energy to do all those chores while making a living. Thus, we aim to help you maintain a clean household through our house cleaning services. With our help, you can have your time at home for the break you deserve!

Try our Residential Cleaning Services!


  • Remove cobwebs, dusting of ceiling and wall fixtures
  • Dusting and polishing furnitures
  • Cleaning and disinfecting mirrors and surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchen and equipment (including defrosting the refrigerator and polishing utensils)
  • Cleaning and clearing cabinets
  • Deep cleaning and scrubbing the bathrooms
  • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming of floors
  • Emptying trash cans and replacing liners of bags

Things To Do Before A House Cleaning Appointment

Here at One Heart Cleaning, we aim for customer satisfaction through our honest, reliable and quality residential cleaning services. Whether you are new to getting a house cleaning service or you are planning to engage One Heart Cleaning for future cleaning services, we want you to get the best out of your investment by informing you with what to expect and what to do when setting a house cleaning appointment.

  • The first thing you need to remember when getting a home cleaning service is that you must take care of your precious belongings. While our team is proven to show honesty and integrity when delivering our services, it is important that our clients secure their prized possessions before the house cleaning service to avoid conflicts or misplacement or damage to the items.

  • It is also advisable to set up a cleaning routine or checklist for our team to ensure that we will be able to meet all your requirements during the residential cleaning services. Should you have a specific order of rooms to be cleaned, you may add them to the checklist to have our team guided.

  • Should you plan to have a thorough house cleaning service, please keep some of the things (especially fragile ones) away. It is also recommended to ready your cleaning supplies if you prefer our team to use them though we will come with our own supplies upon request.

Reach out to us if you want to find out more about our professional cleaning services!

Our Price Plan

Value Package

*Cleaning supplies not included

^Minimum 3 hours per session, 4 sessions per month




Prices subjected to GST




Prices subjected to GST

Exclusive to residents in Punggol, Sengkang, Hougang

Buy 4 sessions and get 1 session FREE

Buy 12 sessions and get 3 sessions and equipment ($80 worth) set FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

How is One Heart Cleaning Pte Ltd different from a general cleaning company?

One Heart Cleaning combines our expertise in providing quality residential cleaning services with the heart and dedication in keeping our clients’ interior space a safe place to live or work in. This is what sets us apart from other house cleaning services in Singapore. Book our service today to witness the difference.

How do professional cleaners create a house cleaning checklist?

With different home cleaning services providers comes different ways to do a house cleaning checklist. One of the most popular ways to prepare a checklist for the house cleaning service is to start from top to bottom. This means that the cleaning will be done from the highest part of the house down to the floors.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

Deep residential cleaning service can be done as frequently as the homeowner wishes. However, since deep cleaning can disturb the daily routine at home, thorough house cleaning service is often done only when necessary (for instance, when expecting visitors) or 4 times a year if scheduled.

How do you quote a house cleaning?

There are various ways on how residential cleaning service companies decide on how they quote a home cleaning service. Some factors such as the severity of the dirt buildup, project demands, whether you are on a subscription or not or the location of the property can affect the costing and are considered when preparing the quotation.

How do I prepare my house for a cleaning service?

Preparing your house for a residential cleaning service in Singapore is quite easy. First, you need to make a list of the areas that need to be cleaned to guide the cleaners on the off limits areas. Then, you have to keep your belongings away from the areas to be cleaned to avoid damage or misplacement. Then you are all set.

How much does professional cleaning cost Singapore?

The cost of professional house cleaning service in Singapore may vary depending on the number of areas that need to be cleaned, how serious the dirt buildup is, whether you will provide the cleaning materials or not, request for rush cleaning and more. It is crucial to talk to your cleaning service company first to settle the actual cost.


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