Shape the World Summit 2022:

Future Resilience by Design

One Heart was invited to attend “Shape the World Summit Singapore 2022”!!

Shape the World Summit is the signature conference of Consulus, an annual thought leadership platform since 2005 to bring together leaders who seek to impact a better economy for a resilient and inclusive future. This year, it was held on June 21st at Swissotel The Stamford, SKAI Suites 69th Floor, Singapore.

We were truly grateful and honored to be given this opportunity to participate, as well as to speak in front of approximately 150 delegates from Asia, Europe, and North America this time.

When COVID-19 hits the world, many organizations were shell-shocked by the level of disruption COVID-19 brought to their business and operations; yet the pandemic also saw inspiring examples of resilience.

The theme for the year’s summit was: “Future Resilience by Design”. This event gathers leaders from large enterprises to startups to share their experiences of resilience and how they have emerged stronger from the crisis.

One Heart was scheduled to appear at Track 3: Startups, Social Enterprises and Future Resilience by Design during this event. Our Business Development Manager, Ang Feng Yao, will be representing One Heart, to discuss about “Transforming Lives Through the Cleaning Industry”.

“One Heart” actually comes from a direct translation of two Chinese words ”一心”, with the simplest thought my founders have in mind, to help people and to give back to the society. We stick by the belief of a Chinese saying, 一心取之社会,用之社会, taking from the community and giving it back to the society.

It is tough to want to become a social enterprise and it is tougher as a cleaning agency. Many a times, being a social enterprise means going beyond the focus on revenue and profit and clearly understanding that we operate in an ecosystem. With the rising cost of living and inflation, will this be sufficient for one person to successfully survive in this competitive society?

Having worked with 2 different group of beneficiaries – Yellow Ribbon Project & MINDS, what we have learned as an organization is we are not only providing them a career, but we are also here to deliver an experience. We will want to sustain clean and healthy living and working environments through HEARTFELT CLEANING SOLUTIONS WITH SOCIAL IMPACT, having One Hope, One Concern and May One Heart shape the world.

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