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Covid has change our life. With more organizations allowing work from home options, you may find it challenging to balance your household chores and your work responsibilities. So, if you dread spending your precious free time on never ending house chores, the most common solution is to

either hire a part-time cleaner or a full-time maid.


However, you may want to think twice and consider hiring professional cleaners instead due to the following reasons:

Firstly, professional cleaners are trained and qualified to meet your cleaning needs. They are equipped with the necessary skillset and eye for details to ensure a thorough cleaning session as compared to part timers or even your domestic helper. In addition, because they specialized in professional cleaning, they will be able to cater more time slots to adhere to your busy schedule.


Now, you may say that full-time maid can be another option, since they stay in with you and will be readily available for your convenience. But, this will also mean that you will have to compromise your privacy with a stranger living in the house. Needless to say, the cost of hiring one can be quite a concern; taking into account their basic salary (depending on the country that they come from), their levy, their living expenses and overtime salary if they work on their rest day. Besides, not everyone will be lucky to find a full time maid that suits him/her.


Hiring professional cleaners, on the other hand, have more pros than cons. Being specialised in professional cleaning, the cleaners have a keen eye for every unseen nook and cranny of your house to ensure that all the spots get covered during their service. They are also equipped with the right equipment to handle different kinds of stubborn stains and moulds should they come across. Professional cleaners provide deep meticulous cleaning and sanitising to get rid of various unhealthy contaminants in the house, in turn ensuring clean air for you and your family. With professional cleaning house cleaning service, you get to enjoy more free time with your family in a clean and fresh environment, benefiting you both physically and emotionally.

For more information about how professional cleaning service can improve your well-being, call or whatsapp us and we will be happy to share.

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