A Guide to the New Home Deep Clean

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A Guide to the New Home Deep Clean

Nothing paints a fresh start better than a new home, the embodiment of a new chapter in your life, and hopes of a better future. Before setting your boxes down to be unpacked, it’s important to start on a clean slate; that is, to give your new home a deep clean before you start filling it out with your belongings and furniture. With that out of the way, you can then enjoy the moving-in process without having to worry about the state of your home. Find out how you can go about deep cleaning your new home, and why seeking moving-in cleaning services in Singapore could be the best solution for you.

Clean High Before You Clean Low

Clean High Before You Clean Low Professional Cleaning Services

The first places you’ll want to look at for dust are ceilings and overhead fixtures like fans, overhead lighting, and shelving. As these places aren’t always in our peripheral vision, they tend to be overlooked, accumulating dust in the process. The main reason why these places should be cleaned first is that dust usually falls to the ground as you clean, and it wouldn’t make sense to clean the floor first, only to find fresh dust dotting your newly cleaned surfaces. Additionally, high places might also include spots that are hard to reach, especially if your mobility is a little limited. To ensure that even the most hard-to-reach areas are cleaned, consider using professional cleaning services instead.

If You’re Cleaning Post-Move, Do the Fridge First

Do The Fridge First Moving-In Cleaning Services In Singapore

Cleaning your fridge works the same way as cleaning your home — the best time to do it is when it’s empty. This is particularly time-sensitive if you have perishable food to store as quickly as possible, but the good news is that an empty fridge shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to clean. Start by removing shelves, drawers, and containers and clean each piece individually with soap and warm water. The fridge’s interior can be cleaned and deodorised with vinegar and water. However, there may be stubborn gunk that can’t be removed no matter how hard you scrub, in which case, you might want to seek moving-in cleaning services in Singapore to deal with these issues.

Do the Rest of the Kitchen

Do The Rest Of The Kitchen Professional Cleaning Services

With the fridge sorted, you can now move on to the rest of the kitchen, starting with the ceiling and other places situated close to it, like lighting, and the tops of cabinets. Then, work your way down to the appliances, pantry cupboards, cooker hood, and countertop, followed by the sink and cupboards situated closer to the floor. However, hold off from cleaning the floor for now. It’s important to note that a greater emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness is placed in the kitchen where food is handled on a daily basis. If you want to ensure maximum cleanliness before moving in, get professional cleaning services.

Move on to the Bathrooms

Move On To The Bathrooms Moving-Out Cleaning Services In Singapore

Cleaning your bathrooms is about disinfection and clean surfaces in equal parts. While making it look sparkling clean is all well and good, don’t forget that disinfecting your bathroom takes precedence for obvious reasons. When doing so, it pays to be thorough, not missing corners, bottom surfaces that are often overlooked, drain covers, and more. If your toilet and toilet seat have been passed down from the previous owner, it’s probably better to replace them altogether. Speaking of passing down, it’s not uncommon to inherit a filthy bathroom, so if you find yourself in that predicament, moving-out cleaning services in Singapore can help you disinfect even the most infested bathrooms.

Tackle the Rest of the Space

Tackle The Rest Of The Space Professional Cleaning Services

You’re now ready to take on the rest of your home, but rather than going from room to room, consider going item by item instead. As always, start from the top and work your way down to avoid unnecessary cleaning. Don’t forget surfaces that can be easily overlooked, such as the tops of doors, windows, light switches, and the inside of your closets. You may also be tempted to wash the windows when the sun is shining at its height. However, it may be difficult to spot grime and streaks. Instead, wait until evening or start with windows that are under the shade. 

Finish with the Floors

Finish With The Floors Professional Cleaning Services

Now that everything has been cleaned, it’s time to finish up with the floors. Start by vacuuming the corners and edges before sweeping up the remaining debris. Finish up by mopping only after all the dry dirt has been removed. 

Cleaning your new home can be a tedious process, especially when you’re already tired from packing and moving boxes. This fatigue also makes it harder to be meticulous during your cleaning. Why not leave the hard work to professional cleaning services like One Heart? Our experienced and accredited cleaners will leave no stone unturned, leaving your new home in the best possible condition for your new life in it. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

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