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a couple cleaning and disinfecting their home in singapore

No matter how we feel about household chores, we will always dedicate time to keeping our homes spick and span. In fact, research shows that maintaining a clean and organised living space is beneficial for our mental health. This is because clutter can cause anxiety and stress as it represents unfinished work.

However, doing your weekly household chores alone is insufficient. It is essential for you to conduct regular spring cleaning of your home if you wish to keep your property as clean as possible. But given the hectic lifestyle most Singaporeans lead, this thought might be giving you serious pause.

Fret not! Rather than squeezing an entire house’s worth of chores in one day, you can consider spreading them out across different days and prioritising each room daily. Doing so allows you to focus on each section without overwhelming yourself. This article will serve as a guide and checklist for you to follow to keep your house sparkling clean, so make sure you have your cleaning supplies at the ready!


2.1. Living room

a couple disinfecting their home living room

Consult any residential cleaning services in Singapore, and most would agree that the living room is one of the dirtiest rooms in a house. Moreover, given that the living room is the most frequently used space at home, other than the bedroom, it makes sense to prioritise cleaning this space first.

Start by vacuuming and mopping the floor 

You can begin by vacuuming or sweeping the entire living room to eliminate accumulated dust and debris. You may also consider using a lint roller to pick up hidden dust bunnies that you may have missed initially. Do not underestimate this handy tool, as it has many surprising uses – like picking up pet hair and food crumbs.

Once you are done vacuuming the living room, you can begin mopping the floor with your own DIY cleaning agent – a mixture of warm water, a splash of vinegar, and a gentle cleaning solution.

As a home cleaning service with years of experience in the industry, we noticed that many homeowners make the common mistake of getting their floors too wet during the mopping process. You should wring the water out of the mop as much as possible, as water can warp your hardwood flooring and laminate tiles.

Don’t neglect the furniture in the living room

Think of the multiple times you have touched the various pieces of furniture in your living room without washing your hands. Can you imagine the number of germs residing on the furniture surface? Therefore, it is imperative that you give each piece of furniture a thorough wipe down. You should pay special attention to your coffee table, TV console, and sofa, as they are high touch surfaces. 

The sofa cleaning process, in particular, is something you need to devote extra care to ensure that you don’t damage the upholstery. Always use the upholstery attachment provided by your vacuum cleaner to remove any food crumbs and loose particles embedded within your sofa. 

Cleaning the upholstery when you notice a stain may be a noticeably more challenging proposition, but the process can be simplified with the aid of baking soda. This cleaning solution works on fabric and leather sofas, making your sofa cleaning duty a breeze. Simply sprinkle this cleaning agent on the affected areas and wait for the baking soda to fully absorb the stain before vacuuming it with a brush attachment.

If you have a carpet in your living room, you should not neglect to clean it. This is because carpets are a catch-all for dust mites, dirt, and allergens that can threaten the well-being of you and your family. If you are worried you might damage your luxury design rug, you can consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service

Cleaning the curtains and windows

We often neglect cleaning our windows as it is a tedious and challenging process. However, dust particles can enter the glass’ pores, causing smudges to appear on the window. If left unattended, these stains become impossible to clear. Therefore, it is crucial for you to include this task as part of your spring cleaning checklist.

We recommend you take down the curtains beforehand to prevent them from getting in the way of your window cleaning process. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to conduct a thorough cleaning of the curtains, as they are some of the dustiest surfaces in your home. 

You should avoid using water alone to clean your window glass, as it may leave a streak. Instead, you can make your own inexpensive cleaning solution by mixing an equal amount of warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle before giving it a good shake.

Subsequently, you can spray your DIY cleaning agent onto the glass and wipe it with a clean cloth. Avoid letting the solution drip onto the window frames or your flooring, as the vinegar may discolour iron and wood.

2.2. Kitchen

a woman disinfecting and cleaning home kitchen

The kitchen is considered one of the most essential areas in your home. And since this place is where you prepare and cook your meals, you need to dedicate extra effort when cleaning the area to prevent pests from infesting your home.

Always wash your utensils after using them

Any food crumbs and unwashed dishes are a magnet for ants and cockroaches. Therefore, you should always prioritise cleaning your utensils after each use. While it is tempting to let the dishes pile up before washing everything in one go, this bad habit needs to be eliminated immediately if you do not want your home to be overrun by pests.

Don’t neglect your greasy stovetop

After you are done with the dishes, you can move on to your stovetop. A greasy stovetop not only looks unsightly but is also a fire hazard, so you should ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly. 

Before you begin, check that the gas valve and the burners are switched off for safety reasons. Once the check is complete, you can disassemble the removable parts and scrub each component in hot soapy water before rinsing thoroughly and drying them with a towel.

Organise your fridge

A clean kitchen includes a clean and well-organised fridge. Therefore, it is essential for you to declutter your fridge regularly. Take stock of every item and corral them into individual containers so that they don’t get forgotten at the back of the fridge.

If any food items are expired or have gone bad, throw them away immediately as they can leave your fridge with an unpleasant smell. After you have sorted out your fridge, wipe down each shelf and tray with a microfibre cloth rinsed with warm water and dish soap. 

Look out for potential pest-breeding grounds

Unfortunately, a clean kitchen does not always equate to a pest-free environment. So whether you are hiring a professional cleaning service or handling the kitchen cleanup yourself, you need to look out for potential pest-breeding spots, as they are most commonly found in the kitchen.

If you notice any crevices where pests might get in, you should seal them up with sealants or caulk immediately. You can also consider spritzing your kitchen with a mixture of tea tree oil and water, as the scent deters pests.

2.3. Laundry room

a couple doing laundry while cleaning their home

You will be surprised to learn the amount of dust and grime that can accumulate in your laundry room – a prime example is your washing machine. However, many residential cleaning services have noticed that this is an area of the house that numerous homeowners overlook.

Clean the washing machine’s door seal

You may not notice this, but the dirt from your clothes can gather around the rubber seal of your washing machine door, leading to the accumulation of grime. Therefore, it is imperative that you clean this area regularly with a cleaning scrub to keep it spotless.

Use multi-compartment laundry baskets

Multi-compartment laundry baskets are an excellent way to keep your laundry area clean and organised. This will allow you to better manage your dirty clothing and separate the various washables. You will no longer have to worry about mixing your delicate and non-delicate fabrics.

2.4. Bathroom

a professional cleaner disinfecting home bathroom

Given its moist and damp atmosphere and the fact that the bathroom is one of the most used areas in your house, it should come as no surprise to learn that this place is often a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria. As such, it is pivotal for you to clean your toilet at least once a week.  

Clean every part of the bathroom thoroughly

As one of the dirtiest places in your home, you need to ensure that every part of your bathroom – the showerhead, wall, floor, sink, and toilet bowl – is cleaned thoroughly. We recommend keeping a handy checklist of everything you need to do and what you have already completed to ensure you don’t miss out on a single spot. 

After all the cleaning is done, you should apply mould removal spray to prevent mould growth in your bathroom. Don’t forget to disinfect the high touch surfaces in the bathroom, such as the doorknob, as they are prime areas for bacteria growth. If you are unsure of how to disinfect your bathroom, you can consider enlisting the help of a cleaning company that provides disinfection services.

Don’t neglect the bathroom mirror

A dirty bathroom mirror is another potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Therefore, you should never neglect to clean your bathroom mirror. You can employ the cleaning agent you used to clean your living room window on your bathroom mirror to prevent streaks from forming on the mirror surface.

2.5. Bedroom

a person cleaning and vacuuming bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary – the ideal place for you to retreat after a hectic day to rest and recharge for the next working day. So it is only natural that you will want the environment to be cleaned and organised. After all, a messy bedroom can be disruptive to your sleep.

A clean environment is conducive to sleep

If you or your family members are sensitive to dust, the accumulated dust and dirt in your bedroom can trigger an allergic reaction, making it challenging for you to fall asleep comfortably. As such, it is vital for you to vacuum and wipe down all surfaces in your bedroom regularly. 

One area of the bedroom many homeowners often overlook is the bed itself. Often, dust and dirt can embed themselves deep within the mattress, making it challenging to remove them even with the help of a powerful vacuum cleaner. 

On these occasions, it is best to hire a professional mattress cleaning company that provides deep steam cleaning services, as this is an effective way to eliminate any harmful microorganisms that reside within your bed. However, cleaning your mattress alone is insufficient. You should also replace and wash your bed sheets frequently to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bedroom. 

Declutter your bedroom

While you are in the midst of cleaning your bedroom, you should also take this opportunity to organise your wardrobe. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and remove any unwanted items that no longer spark joy. 

By tossing out or donating the clothing you no longer need, you now have additional space to sort out your wardrobe in an organised fashion. You can also consider investing in wardrobe organisers to segregate your various pieces of clothing. 

If you have a compact bedroom and are running out of space to store all your essential belongings, you should consider investing in multi-functional furniture – like a storage bed – to ensure your room remains organised and clutter-free. 


3.1. Benefits of hiring a professional home cleaning service

Why You Should Hire A Professional Home Cleaning Service

Given our hectic lifestyles, it can be a challenge for many Singaporeans to dedicate sufficient time to cleaning and organising their homes. There is no denying that the attempts to balance work and chores can be a stressful and tiring endeavour.

On such occasions, many Singaporeans opt to hire a residential cleaning service to relieve them of their household chores, giving themselves more time to focus on other matters. 

And this is undoubtedly an excellent idea! In fact, this course of action can provide you with a host of benefits. Read on to learn more about the perks you can enjoy when you hire a house cleaning service to clean your home. 

Benefit #1: Ensure your home is cleaned thoroughly

Given the list of household chores we have to do weekly and the limited time available, there is sometimes a tendency for us to rush through them to ensure everything is completed on time. Unfortunately, this also means we might not be as thorough in our cleaning duties as we would prefer. 

When you hire an experienced home cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing that their cleaners are equipped with the proper skills and tools for the job. As such, you can be assured that your house will be spick and span by the end of the cleaning session. 

Benefit #2: Minimise the risk of your allergy flaring up

Dust mite allergy is highly prevalent in Singapore, with numerous children and adults afflicted with this allergy. Unfortunately, there is no method to eliminate dust and dirt from building up in your home. But there are ways for you to minimise the risk of your allergy flaring up – and one approach is to hire a professional cleaner. 

The vacuums utilised by residential cleaning services are usually more powerful than the equipment found in our households. These tools are highly effective in getting rid of the accumulated dust and dirt, ensuring that you and your family enjoy cleaner air at home. 

Benefit #3: Reduce your stress and fatigue

Attempting to balance your work and home life can be overwhelming. From taking care of your kids to ensuring your work is completed promptly, you may find that you have little time or energy left to do your chores. Moreover, overextending yourself can cause further stress and fatigue, which is detrimental to your health. 

By hiring a home cleaning service, you can have peace of mind as the professional cleaners handle all the work for you. The convenience afforded to you means you no longer have to worry about overextending yourself or stressing yourself out from performing your cleaning duties.

Benefit #4: More time to spend with your family

Do you find that you always have insufficient time to spend with your family during the weekends? You will be surprised to learn that your chores can take up a significant amount of your time. Furthermore, after a day spent cleaning the home, you may not have the energy for your planned family excursion. 

A residential cleaning service can assist you with maintaining a clean and organised house. This gives you more time to focus on the things that matter the most to you – like your family!

Benefit #5: Prevent the growth of mould and other harmful bacteria

Your bathroom’s damp and moist environment is conducive to the growth of mould and other harmful bacteria. However, you may lack the time and proper equipment to eliminate these microorganisms from your home. This is where a professional house cleaning service can step in to ensure your bathroom remains germ-free.

3.2. What you should look out for when hiring a residential cleaning service

What You Should Look Out For When Hiring A Residential Cleaning Service

There is no denying the numerous benefits one can enjoy when hiring a home cleaning service. However, it is advisable for you to consider several factors beforehand to ensure you select the ideal residential cleaning service that suits your needs. Let us outline the factors to keep in mind as you begin your search.

Factor #1: Stellar reviews and reputation

While it is tempting to hire the cheapest house cleaning service, you may find that doing so can be a significant risk for you. The cleaning team may perform a shoddy job, wasting your time and money. Therefore, it is best to conduct thorough research to ensure that your preferred home cleaning service can meet your requirements. 

Reviews and testimonials can help you to narrow down your options. While you are reading up on the various reviews, pay special attention to the positive traits used to describe the company’s cleaning services. You would ideally want to hire a residential cleaning service that demonstrates trustworthiness, professionalism, excellent work ethic, and superb cleaning skills.

Factor #2: Offers a variety of home cleaning services

Do you require a thorough cleaning of your home? Or are you simply looking for weekly maintenance cleaning? No matter your preference, your ideal home cleaning service should provide you with a variety of options tailored to the needs of your home and family.

Factor #3: Experience and accreditations

Naturally, you would want your ideal house cleaning service to be experienced and trustworthy. The more experienced companies are more likely to possess the necessary skills and tools to provide an effective and efficient service. So do not hesitate to inquire about your preferred company’s experience when you are shortlisting your options. 

Additionally, you may want to check if the company possess the appropriate accreditations to provide its full suite of cleaning services. After all, you do not want to hire an unlicensed cleaning service that may end up doing a shoddy job. 

Factor #4: The type of cleaning products the company uses

Conventional cleaning products may contain ingredients that can cause respiratory, skin, or sinus irritation in specific individuals. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a residential cleaning service that utilises cleaning products that are non-toxic and alcohol-free, especially if you have pets or babies at home.


Now that you have a better understanding of what you need to do to ensure your house is clean and organised, you will undoubtedly want to get started on your chores as soon as possible. With this comprehensive guide in hand, we are confident that your home will soon be in immaculate condition!

Alternatively, if you are constantly exhausted after work and cannot find the time to clear the piling household chores that require your attention, you may want to consider engaging the services of a home cleaning company. 

At One Heart Cleaning Pte Ltd, we are one of the leading professional cleaning services in Singapore. We provide a host of residential cleaning services, including home disinfection services, tailored specifically to your requirements. Rest assured that our cleaning specialists have undergone extensive training and possess years of experience in the industry. So do not hesitate to contact us today for all your cleaning needs.

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