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Curtains and draperies provide us with lots of benefits including privacy, filter for dust and allergens, shade from excessive sunlight, aesthetics and more. However, curtains need cleaning too. As they filter the dirt from entering the house everyday, particles often accumulate on the surface of the curtains, making them look dull. When this happens, booking curtain cleaning services is crucial.

We all know that curtains are bulky and hard to clean, which is why we offer onsite curtain cleaning services for your convenience. Our curtain specialists offer dismantling and installing of curtains if you choose our onsite curtain cleaning services. We only use professional steaming equipment to clean and sanitise your favourite fabrics to prevent damages and to prolong the lifespan of the curtains.

Our curtain cleaning services save you time and energy as compared to washing your curtains by yourself. They will also guarantee a clean and tidy looking curtain especially at times when you are expecting some visitors.

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  • Dismantling and installing upon request
  • Onsite steam cleaning
  • Santising of curtains

Reach out to us if you want to find out more about our professional cleaning services!

Curtains offer many perks to our homes and offices. Curtains can provide a sense of privacy for our interiors as they cover our glass windows and doors. They may also offer aesthetic quality to the room they were installed in, especially when they are intended to complement the interior design. This is why curtain cleaning in Singapore is so important.

When you give your curtains a regular curtain cleaning, you are prolonging their beauty while protecting your loved ones’ health. Since curtains are hung on windows and doors, they often sustain dirt and dust that can cause allergies. This will be prevented with regular curtain cleaning.


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