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Do you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime and that is one-third of our lives. So, here in One Heart Cleaning, we do not only clean residential properties, we also provide cleaning services for commercial properties. Our commercial cleaning includes hotel room, school, hospital, home, hawker and office cleaning services.

Our commercial and office cleaning services in Singapore have earned nods from various clients throughout the years. With combined quality service and astounding work ethics, One Heart Cleaning is able to gain the trust of our loyal clients up to this day.

Our commercial & office cleaning services are pocket friendly as we are committed to help in your business without straining your annual budget. We have different customisable cleaning packages to suit your business needs, whether you require a full-scale or just a regular general cleaning, we work hard to offer you the best office cleaning services your workplace deserves.


  • Sanitising high-touch surfaces
  • Cleaning handles and doorknobs
  • Vacuuming, shampooing, cleaning carpet
  • Remove cobwebs and dust light fixtures
  • Spot clean windows, glass
  • Clean reception areas, meeting rooms
  • Empty waste and recycling bins
  • Improve air quality
  • Kill virus and bacteria

Why Choose Us For Our Office Cleaning Services

One Heart Cleaning has been providing quality commercial and office cleaning services in Singapore for years. We have learned to match our services with the clients’ expectations and their requirements.

We also pledge to keep our office cleaning services as affordable as possible so more businesses can get a clean and tidy workplace that will improve their employees’ productivity and work efficiency. Some of the perks that set us apart from other office cleaners are as follows:

Licensed & Qualified Cleaners

Rest assured we only deploy cleaners that are licensed and qualified for the tasks they will be working on. We want to ensure safety and security for our clients. We work hard to provide office cleaning services with minimal chance of accident.

Good Work Ethics

Our team is well-known for displaying good work ethics. We have friendly staff and cleaners that will make the cleaning time less stressful or taxing on your part.

Custom Cleaning

We understand the requirements for office cleaning services may vary. Thus, we offer customisable plans to help you minimise the cost and get the appropriate cleaning services for your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should an office be cleaned?

As every office is different, and each workspace is unique, this totally depends on the specific needs of your workspace. If you only have a few employees getting in and out of the office, your office can get away with less regular cleaning. For larger workspaces with 10 or more employees, then there is obviously higher foot traffic. Workspaces like this need more regularly scheduled cleaning to make sure the environment is clean, hygienic, and safe for everyone.

Some cleaning tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and bathroom cleaning must be done daily. Deep cleaning of the carpet and furniture may be carried out twice a year.

Retail stores that accommodate customers or clients need more stringent cleanings that is compliant with local regulations.

How do you quote an office cleaning?

Get in touch with our friendly staff to get a quotation based on your cleaning needs.

How do I prepare my office for a cleaning service?

Our team of professional cleaners know their way around. However, we will greatly appreciate it if you will share with us how you want the cleaning process to be by providing us with a checklist. It will also help to keep your things away before the home cleaning services start to avoid damages or misplacement. It will also be helpful if you could leave your cleaning solutions and equipment aside for our cleaning specialists.

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