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One Heart Cleaning specialist sanitisation and Covid-19 disinfection works for retail and F&B in Singapore

One Heart Cleaning is an experienced cleaning specialist company in the deep cleaning and sanitisation work for multiple venues. With multiple years of experience and a strong gasp of customer needs, we assure you that in this time of distress, we have the right product and people to ensure a clean and safe environment for your guests, employees and loved ones despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

In trying times, a safe and dependable set of hands is what you require. One Heart Cleaning is an approved provider by the National Environment Agency (NEA) for cleaning and disinfection services.

We primarily use a high level disinfectant to sanitise homes, businesses and industrial buildings and we apply an antimicrobial coating to high-touch surfaces such as door handles, table top surfaces and water taps. Our antimicrobial coating is non-cytotoxic, biodegradable and also 99.9999% effective against Covid-19.

Similarly, our disinfectant is 99.9999% effective in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses which includes Covid-19 and is non-toxic and alcohol-free.

deep cleaning and sanitisation works performed by One Heart Cleaning Singapore

One Heart Cleaning provides deep cleaning and sanitisation services for venues with confirmed and suspected or past Covid-19 cases. We provide customized solutions for a diverse set of customers for industrial, commercial, retail, F&B and residential disinfection works, with different needs.

We provide cost effective solutions for preventive sanitisation and disinfection works. Our solutions can also be customized for unique floor plans, surfaces and for specific needs. We also package such services with general cleaning and curtain cleaning services.

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Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

Industrial works are typically highly customized as they could entail high ceilings, non-standardized structures, or sensitive and valuable equipment. One Heart Cleaning has done various projects including during Covid-19, sanitisation work in warehouses, factories and also shipyards, even aboard ships!

Retail and Food and Beverages Disinfection Works

Retail and F&B establishments has been most impacted by Covid-19, especially for the small and medium enterprises. Our roots stem from long term cleaning contracts begins from a humble origin at Tekka Centre and expanding further into other professional (commercial and home) cleaning services, laundry and curtain cleaning solutions. Being a SME ourselves, we empathize with our customers. In the DNA of One Heart, we believe in standing together alongside the people and commerce of Singapore, and also driving the mission to be sincere and dedicated in our deep cleaning and sanitisation work.

Residential Sanitisation and General Cleaning

Residential cleaning works is of importance to One Heart Cleaning. We are elated to ensure families a peace of mind, confidence that your loved ones are safe and for the family may sleep in the comfort of your own home upon returning from a long quarantine.

It is also unnerving for relatives of those positive Covid-19 households even if in the past. This is where a thorough and detailed cleaning and sanitisation by professionals is required, and this is where One Heart comes in to ensure this. We provide cleaning, sanitisation and preventive disinfection works for all types of residential properties, including HDB apartments, condominiums and landed properties.

One Heart Cleaning also provides packaged services which includes general cleaning and specialised curtain cleaning services.

Preventive Sanitisation and Cleaning

Past cases or suspected cases of Covid-19 infection may create an environment of fear and concern among friends, family, employees, customers and guests.

According to the NEA’s guidelines, preventive sanitisation does not require us to be in full protective gear. This does not mean a lower standard of care, hygiene and cleanliness. Our service is detailed and well communicated to our customers, and will ensure the highest standard of care in the work we do. In such cases, the focus is on sanitising high touch surfaces and applying a protective antimicrobial coating on these surfaces for lasting protection.

preventive sanitisation for suspected or past Covid-19 cases at retail, commercial, f&b, industrial and residential locations

Pro Bono Volunteering Efforts

At One Heart Cleaning, we believe in the importance of giving back to the society. During Covid-19, we actively seek out those in need to find solutions.

One recent such event was at Marsiling hawker centre where we contributed to the sanitisation and disinfecting works of the hawker stalls and dining area. We would be honoured to perform similar cleaning jobs big and small, or to partner voluntary or non-profit organisations. For more information or to enquire or how we can collaborate, please contact us at

Tips to Ensuring a Clean and Safe Environment

Helpful tips for deep cleaning and sanitisation works by One Heart Cleaning

Product Information

Pro Bono Volunteering Efforts
One Heart Cleaning uses Sanifect’s High Level Disinfectant and AHC7 by The Mill International as our antimicrobial coating agent of choice. Both products approved by the NEA and are highly effective against Covid-19.

Sanifect High Level Disinfectant and AHC7 Antimicrobial Coating