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Festive Cleaning

Too busy to clean your home for the festive season? Busy with the last minute shopping and never ending list of things to do and your home is yet to be cleaned? With One Heart Cleaning, you can put your worries away as we are committed to providing a quality service that is genuine, secure and hassle-free for you.

Especially during festive periods, where the planning of events is very hectic, you will tend to neglect the cleaning progress. When the event is near the corner, you will start to rush the pre-event cleaning and end up not cleaning every corner of your house or company. At moments like this, you will always have our professional and dedicated cleaners to back you up in the cleaning process that happens before and after your event.

Leave it to our professionals to help you get the messiness of your home or office back to comfort after the eventful day, without having yourself cleaning up the mess after all the tiring hosting. We will make sure that all corners and areas are cleaned up with no mess left behind, and we will refresh the indoor air quality with our services as well.

We provide services such as curtain cleaning, vacuuming of carpets and floors, cleaning of furniture, etc.

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