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Commercial Cleaning

One Heart Cleaning does not just focus on home cleaning services; we also focus on commercial services which include show houses, offices, schools, and other facilities cleaning services. In our services, we provide a broad range of cleaning utilities just for cleaning of your premises.

The scope of our commercial cleaning services includes a full range of cleaning equipment, chemicals, and methods to ease and expedite the quality cleaning process of our cleaning services. It may include the cleaning of floors, furniture, windows, kitchens, dining areas, facilities, IT, etc.

Having regular commercial cleaning or long-term cleaning services will also allow your working team to work better in a clean and environment, with happier mood while working, instead of getting sick or moody all the time. A presentable office or presentation room will also help in leaving good impressions for your customers, clients and business partners who visit your premises, thus, enhancing the corporate image of your organization.

With quality cleaning services and affordable prices provided by our cleaning management, you will not be disappointed with our professional cleaning team who strive to provide the best quality cleaning service in Singapore that will help to make your organization a clean and healthy environment to work in.

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